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Once set up, click on rates.

Our rate structure caters for most types of accommodation pricing and aims to provide our visitors with the most easily comparable and searchable rates.

Here are a few examples of how yours can be set up, based on the type of accommodation you offer:

Whole unit example

1.Enter the nightly rate for the entire unit in the field marked "Rate". 

2.In the field marked "People included in rate" you enter the number of people your unit can accommodate

3.You can leave the "Extra people rate" field empty

4.Set your minimum night stay in the field marked "Minimum stay (nights)"

5.Ensure that the "Maximum number of guests" that you enter is equal to the number that you entered in "People included in rate" 

Usually applies to: Self catering houses, apartments, cottages, etc.

Per Person Sharing with single supplement example

1.Enter the Single person rate in the field "Rate"

2.In the "People included in rate" field, enter 1

3.Double your Per Person Sharing rate and subtract the Single rate from it

Example: Single rate: R600 per night

Per person sharing rate: R450 per night

Calculation becomes: (450x2) - 600 = 300

4.The "Extra people rate" should now be 300

5.In the "Maximum number of guests" field enter 2

Usually applies to: Hotels, bed and breakfast, guest house.

Whole unit with guest-dependent pricing example

With this pricing, the Rate includes a certain number of people.

1.Capture the "Rate" as above (essentially the minimum price you would need to pay to occupy the unit, even if you were a single person)

2.Enter the number of people you include in your rate in the field "People included in rate"

3.Beyond the number of people above, there is a charge for additional guests. Enter this additional charge in the field "Extra people rate"

4.In the "Maximum number of guests" field enter the total amount of people the unit can take

Usually applies to: Larger self-catering establishments, e.g. resorts.